Society of Porch Story Patrons

Honorary Members

Jimmy Sutphin, Mike Lewis, Ted Olson, Mike Moran, Bob Drew, Kelly Brennan, Bill Koke, Marty Hills, Bert Kelvie, Joe & Carol Avella, Mike & Natalie Buynak, Howard Perley, Connie Mroczkowski, Melissa Matousek, Mike Flynn, Molly White, Brad Nelson, Tom Tobin, Bob Gold, Jim & Cathy Hackney, Johnson & Romito’s Funeral Home, Lisa Lemmens, Den & Mary Rich, Alison & John Quagliata, Mr. & Mrs. Dean Rocco, Jo & Bill Wooldredge, John Ong, Gwen Mayer, Tom Vince, Barbara VanBlarcum, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Jones, Liz Ramsey, Max Wendel, Actors’ Summit Theatre, The Hudson Players, Eric Roegner, The Burton D. Morgan Foundation, The Hudson Community Foundation, Western Reserve Academy, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Dixon, Boy Scout Troop 321, Andy Morse, Ron & Sue Strobl, Brian & Robyn Meeker, Kevin Altomare, Aggie Tercek, Hudson Fine Art & Framing, The Hudson Hub Times

Member Benefits – Annual Dues: $75

1) Priority seating at all Porch Stories and Ghost Story Tours

2) Free Book of Stories from every tour

3) 10% discount on all Porch Stories and Ghost Stories merchandise

4) 15% discount on tickets to all post-tour parties

5) Recognition in all event programs


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