Program Guide

Porch Stories Summer Tour 2008 Program Guide, Hudson, Ohio

1.  “Builds Character”

Who were these people who left the comfort of their homes in Connecticut to brave the wilderness of The Western Reserve? How did they make the journey? What did they eat? Where did they sleep? What happened when they got sick? How did they cope with the wild animals?

These and many other questions will be answered in the story told at 82 Church Street

2. “Lady of the House”

The women who settled our town were of rare talent and unflappable character. How they coped with the extreme conditions showed an inestimable strength. There was one woman, however, who excelled in these qualities far beyond her peers, both male and female.

Come hear her story at 121 Elm Street

3. “A Man of Orbital Precision”

There is an observatory on the campus at Western Reserve Academy that is the second oldest in America. It was designed by a young man who graduated from Yale at the age of 19. With the finest of astronomical equipment, he purchased in London, the observatory was completed before he hit his mid-twenties.

Convene at 100 College St. to hear the story of Elias Loomis

4. “Silent Night”

Hudson gained fame as an abolitionist town in the early 1800s. The Underground Railroad carried many a passenger through our town. One night a very small passenger took his first breath of life at Frederick & Juliette Brown’s “station” on Hines Hill Road.

 Share in the joy of this story at 38 Aurora Street


 We would like to thank these residents for sharing their porches:

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Rocco

Mr. & Mrs. William Wooldredge

Mr. & Mrs. James Hackney

 We would like to thank the following people for giving their time and talents:

The actors of Actors’ Summit Theater and their Board of Directors

Skywave Writers for their many hours of collaboration on these stories

Tom Vince, town historian and archivist at Western Reserve Academy

Every tour guide, ticket cashier and helper who generously

gave of their time to make this event possible

The stories that you will hear on this tour are based on historical accounts

 but by no means should be considered historically accurate.

Each account is a STORY and makes no claim whatsoever to fact,

but rather has been written as fiction for the purpose of storytelling.

After the tour, why not stay in town for dinner?

The following restaurants will offer a complimentary appetizer or dessert

 with purchase of an entrée upon presentation of your Porch Stories ticket

offer good for day of event only:  July 12, 2008

Emilio’s, 180 W. Streetsboro St.:  330-655-9200

 Hudson’s on the Green, 80 N. Main St.:  330-650-1955

Vue, 49 Village Way at First & Main:  330-650-1883

Profits from this event will benefit Actors’ Summit Theater

a 501c3 registered organization

Skywave Writers © 2007-2011  All Rights Reserved


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