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Ventures in Storytelling

Have a story you’d like to get out? Need someone to write it up for you?

Meet Your Muse

Your Muse


Kathleen Franks is an accomplished storyteller, versatile writer and creator of Porch Stories™, a neighborhood walking tour that features stories of extraordinary citizens from local history told by professional actors on selected porches.

Ms. Franks is the director of Skywave Writers, a creative writing group based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can discover more of her musings by visiting Linkedin or on her VisualCV:

What’s Your Story?

Treasured tales, family lore, cherished holiday memories, grandparents’ wisdom, travel adventures, school days, career tracks, entrepreneurial endeavors, old friends, favorite neighbor-hoods, community history, dream states, great decisions, foolish mistakes, outdated secrets and other loose legends.

Spend a little time now to have these priceless stories written up for you. The future will thank you forever!

Getting Started

One interview. One hour. Once a week. That’s how it works. In between meetings, you will receive an email with a draft manuscript for your review.

Where to meet? If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, then we can get together at a local cafe. If not,  we can go virtual and meet via Skype!

A life well-lived.

A story well-written.

A legacy preserved.

What better gift could you offer?


$25 per hour. Expect to pay for two hours of writing time each week along with the one hour weekly interview. We’ll work piece-by-piece on your story until you say it’s time to stop.

Have Questions?

Call Kathleen: 330-319-3193


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