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  1. Kathleen,
    I really enjoyed your interpretation of Eunice Oviatt’s story. Does the document you describe
    ( Indians promising to pay Eunice 4 coonskins as compensation for the loss of 2 chickens) actually exist? If so, how would i be able to find a copy? The Oviatts were hugely involved in the history of the Girl Scout camp in Richfield that we are trying to preserve.

    • Hello Lynn,

      I am so sorry that I did not know of your message until now. I am glad that you enjoyed Eunice’s story. What a woman! As for the document, I know I found a reference to it in the archives at the Hudson Library. I regret that I did not make a note of it. I am no longer living in Ohio otherwise I would be happy to find it for you. Gwen Mayer is the archivist at the Hudson Library. Her office is upstairs in the archives. I’m sure she would be happy to direct you to the file.

      I did not know that the Oviatts were involved in the Girl Scout camp. I spent many a summer at that camp!

      Please call me if you have any other questions. Here is my mobile #330-319-3193.

      Kathleen Franks

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